Designing a Killer CV to land that Dream Job Interview

Designing a Killer CV to land that Dream Job Interview

Applying for, and ultimately landing the dream job is often the most stressful part of a fresh graduate’s life, or even for a middle level executive looking to explore greener pastures. So how can you compete for the attention of recruiters who are sifting through hundreds of applications from other candidates for that dream job? How do you make your CV attractive enough to get the attention of the recruiter?

Learning Objective

Recruiters often shortlist who to invite for job interviews based on how close their qualifications and experience match to the vacancies. However, recruiters are also humans beings, and humans are quirky in a way that not only are relevant information in the CVs important, but also how they are presented to them.

Prerequisites are clearly stated in vacancy advertisements, but there are always unspoken requirements that each employer is looking out for. You will learn to identify what these requirements are, and how to word your CV to address these requirements will greatly enhance your changes to land an interview invitation. Understand that sometimes, it is not what to write on your CV that counts, but how to write or express it.

If two applications from two unknown candidates, both with the same qualifications and experience apply for the same vacancy, most often the one with a more visually attractive CV will get an edge over the mundane looking one. You will learn how to visually design your CV so that it catches the eye of the recruiter, even before reading it.

There are only a handful of dream jobs that comes across your path. And landing one of them will make or break your career. Master the unfair advantage, and you will increase your chances to be invited for an interview.

Target Group

This workshop will benefit just about anybody who is looking to land their first job, or existing employees seeking for better positions, whether to move up the corporate ladder within the same organisation, or seeking greener pastures elsewhere.


Course Outline:

  1. What is a Curriculum Vitæ? And why is it important?
  2. Difference between CV and résumé.
  3. Is there a difference in usage of CV or résumé in job application?
  4. Selling yourself.
  5. Two steps to secure a job offer.
  6. Writing an application letter and CV.
  7. First step shortlisting.
  8. Second step shortlisting.
  9. Third step shortlisting.
  10. 99% of all CVs are boring, make your CV different from the rest.
  11. Create a Visual CV, Humans are visual creatures.
  12. To include a photo or not?
  13. Do not list down your qualifications and/or work experience in a typical document format.
  14. Use colours to make things more lively.
  15. How many pages long to make your CV?
  16. Think magazine, not legal document.
  17. Practical: participants will be designing and building the individual CVs.
  18. Feedback comments from the peers on every individual’s CV design.


Cost for this 1-day Designing a Killer CV to land that Dream Job Interview Workshop is RM600, including lunch & tea breaks, and all training materials. There is nothing else you have to purchase. Please bring your laptop.

This workshop is HRDF claimable for contributing companies, subject to HRDF approval.

Faculty conducting the Course

Course Date & Venue

Next Course Date: Our 2019 course dates are yet to be confirmed. Please register so we can keep you updated once we finalize our 2019 training calendar.

Course Venue:

Skills Academy (Malaysia)

Training Room 1

350B, Melawati Urban 1

53100 Gombak, Selangor