Five cool new Features in the new Gmail

New Gmail Features

You may not have realized it yet, but Gmail is getting a new look. It is currently being rolled out, and not everyone has access to it yet. To check whether you have just click on the gear icon on the top right - if it says 'Try the new Gmail' you can give it a shot. Some of the new features:

Nudge: if Google's AI thinks a particular message is important it will automatically remind you to reply to it.

Smart Reply: just like the message response  in smart phones (WhatsApp etc.)  it offers you to select a pre-made reply template based on your writing habits and style.

Disable Forwarding: security update to prevent the forwarding of messages that you consider private.

Hover Menu: floating icons at the end of each email in the list, will make managing your email easier (reply, trash etc.)

Snooze: you can temporarily hide less important emails, helps to de-clutter your inbox