2-Day Hands-on eCommerce Course

e-Commerce Workshop Malaysia

In this fully hands-on weekend eCommerce Workshop will guide you how to build a successful e-commerce business by yourself. Not just a bit, but everything from practical set-up and product upload to day-to-day operations, response marketing to measurement and optimization. We even include marketing techniques and continuous improvement, all in workshop-style classes, all done by yourself hands-on (you need to bring your laptop!).

Learning Objective

You have seen this: there are many e-commerce workshops out there – even ‘free’ ones – that promise to tell you all the ‘Secrets’ of doing business online. If you have ever attended one of those you know that you get out highly motivated, but you still don’t know what to do and where to start. We are different.

During this 2-Day hands-on Workshop we will together build a fully functional e-Commerce Store from Scratch.

Is it difficult? No! There is no coding involved. If you can use i.e. Microsoft Word you have all the Skills needed to build your own online Store with us.

NOTE: You are expected to have your own products to sell. This is not some MLM nonsense where we push products on you to sell. If you don’t have any products we can give you some ideas, but we don’t ask you to sell any of our own products like those MLM fellows do. What you want to sell is all up to you!

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so there will be an additional purchase that you will have to do, namely to purchase/register your own Website (domain) Name, and for website hosting (in essence you will have to rent a space in a special computer called a server which will hold your website so it can be accessed by the whole world). This purchase is not from us (we will not receive any of your money) but from a specialized service provider. We have found what we think is the best deal on the internet for this, you get a full three year of website hosting and a free domain name (one year free) for about US$140. You need to use the following link to get this special deal: Website hosting and free domain name

. You can do this now (click the link and follow the instructions), or if you are unsure how to do it we will give you detailed instructions on how to do this during the workshop. A valid credit or debit card is required for these purchases.

Learning Outcome

After completing this 2-Day eCommerce Workshop you will be able to:

  • Build your own, fully functional e-commerce website.
  • Learn how to market your website and drive customer traffic to it using Social Media and Google AdWords.
  • Learn how to properly collect and analyse your customer behavior data using Google Analytics for constant store improvement.

Program Outline

Day 1

Planning and getting started

  • Brief Introduction to Course Modules
  • Important Principles and Variations of online Commerce
  • Set-up of your own Domain Name & Hosting (Payment required)
  • Downloading and Installing the latest Version of the e-Commerce Frameworks
  • Set-up of important Store Parameters, incl. Shipping Modules, Payment Modules & Order Management Settings
  • Upload of your own initial Products
  • Installation and Setting-up of additional important FREE Modules for your new Store (this will extend into Day 2)

Day 2

Continuation of your online Store Set-up plus:

  • Learn how to use Social Media Marketing Tactics to drive Customers to your new Store
  • Learn how to analyse your online Store with FREE Google Analytics
  • Learn how to promote your online Store with Google AdWords
  • Explore additional free Sources of Revenue

Target Group

This course is aimed at people who are ready to start their own e-commerce business hands-on with a focus on long-term benefits and profitability.

  • People who want to establish a long-term second source of income.
  • Individuals who are out of a job or at risk of being retrenched.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to set up an online business.
  • Companies who want to set up an e-commerce arm to their business.
  • Online retailers selling thru Facebook or Instagram who want to improve their existing operations and become more profitable.


Cost for this 2-Day eCommerce hands-on workshop is RM700, including lunches & tea breaks, and all training materials.

As mentioned above, if you do not have any existing domain or hosting account you will need to purchase one during the course. The purchase is not from us but from a 3rd part vendor - we will guide you thru the process. Estimated cost is about US$140 for a 3-year hosting plan.

Faculty conducting the Course

Course Date & Venue

Next Course Date: Our 2019 course dates are yet to be confirmed. Please register so we can keep you updated once we finalize our 2019 training calendar.

Course Venue:

Skills Academy (Malaysia)

Training Room 1

350B, Melawati Urban 1

53100 Gombak, Selangor


Future Course dates (to be confirmed):

  • 2019 dates coming soon