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How does Google determine AdRank and Cost in Google Ads?

by Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

How does Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) determine on which position your ad is shown on the search results page, and how much you have to pay for a click on your ad?

Most people think the more money they throw at Google the better the ad position will be, but that's not true. The actual process is based on what is called a 'second price sealed bid auction'. I can see you cringe, but don't fret - here's how it works. [read more...]

Malaysian SMEs to embrace digital, or else…

by Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

Some SMEs in Malaysia keep on standing on the sidelines, watching the waves of technological advances race by at breakneck speed. They just stand there and look, somewhat scared of what is happening all around them, but in no hurry to take part to embrace digital. Until it’s too late - the ones who ride the wave will get the business, the one who just look will drown. [read more...]

Google Chrome: secure vs. non-secure websites

by Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

On our website you will see on the top left of your (Chrome) browser window a green padlock, the word 'Secure', and the letters 'https' - all in green. Some other websites will look differently: no padlock, no 'Secure', and no green highlighting. So what's the difference? [read more...]

The Demand for Digital Literacy Skills

by Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

In order to enter or to stay relevant in the labor market, digital literacy is becoming almost as important as being able to read, write and count. The ever increasing use of digital technologies is constantly raising the demand for new (digital) skills. However, a substantial proportion of working adults have only [read more...]

Five cool new Features in the new Gmail

by Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

You may not have realized it yet, but Gmail is getting a new look. It is currently being rolled out, and not everyone has access to it yet. To check whether you have just click on the gear icon on the top right - if it says 'Try the new Gmail' you can give it a shot. Some of the new features [read more...]