Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Are you are a fresh graduate looking for a job in Digital Marketing, a 'traditional' marketing professional looking to up-skill into the digital realms, or looking to re-skill for a new career in a fast growing field?

If you are looking to learn all the required industry skills hands-on, our Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course is perfect for you.

This part-time Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Program will get you the complete understanding of how Digital Marketing works, how online strategies can be formulated and implemented, and how outcomes can be measured. This is a fully hands-on program based on business feedback, and is designed for current and future industry needs.

Learning Objective

The Professional Certification in Digital Marketing Program is our flagship training course. It is aimed at reducing the digital skills gap in the industry. The program focuses on the most critical aspects of today’s rapidly shifting online marketplace. It has been specifically developed for current and future marketing professionals who are ready to expand their skill set in today’s internet driven market.

This Certification Program is based on a proven learning syllabus prescribed by industry demands. Today’s businesses do not need staff with only theoretical or with outdated knowledge & skills, it needs people who know how it’s done in practice. This is exactly what you will learn.

This course includes 10 individual hands-on learning modules with live projects, covering content in search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and web analytics.

The Professional Certification in Digital Marketing Program is comprised of a total of 110+ hours of instructor-led, practice-driven classroom training and project work. After completing all modules participants will be evaluated for their projects and will sit for a final exam.

Target Group

This Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Program is open to anyone who has the desire to learn new and relevant skills in order to excel in their current job, or to find a new job opportunity in the area of digital marketing. The only pre-requisite is that you should have a strong interest in this field. We encourage you to read up on the different aspects of digital marketing (see teaching modules below) as well as online job postings, so you can find out more about relevant job skill demands. This program requires some commitment from you, both in terms of time and money, so please make sure this is really what you want to do as a future job.

If you are currently unemployed (i.e. fresh marketing graduate) you may qualify for our partial scholarship. You can see the details here: Skills Academy (Malaysia) Scholarship

Course Modules

The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Program is divided into 10 individual modules over a total of 12 practical, instructor-led training days. There will generally be 1-2 modules conducted on a weekly basis, either on a weekday and/or over a weekend. You need to start with module 1 as it sets the basis for all the other subsequent modules.

All the other following modules are self-contained and can be taken based on your schedule, they do not need to be done in any particular sequence. For example, after you have completed module 1 and cannot make it on the day module 2 is conducted (due to your other commitments) you simply continue with module 3 and do module 2 at a later time. However, all 10 modules have to be completed to allow you to sit for a final evaluation, including review of your project work (done during the individual modules) and a final exam.

The required course modules are as follows:

Module 1: Practical Web Design for Beginners (you need to start with this module) - Duration: 2 Days

Module 2: e-Commerce - Duration: 1 Day

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Duration: 1 Day

Module 4: Social Media / Facebook Ads - Duration: 1 Day

Module 5: Pay-per-click Advertising - Duration: 1 Day

Module 6: Display Advertising - Duration: 1 Day

Module 7: Web Analytics - Duration: 1 Day

Module 8: Mobile Marketing - Duration: 1 Day

Module 9: e-Mail marketing / Affiliate Marketing - Duration: 1 Day

Module 10: Strategy & Planning - Duration: 1 Day

Final Module: Recap & Exam - Duration: 1 Day


Optional (but not recommended): if you do not need the certificate and only want to attend selected modules for specific skills needs you are welcome to do so. In that case you do not need to start with module 1, and you will only be charged for the modules you attend. Our scholarship is NOT available for this option.


For Individual Participants (=self paid):

To ease your financial commitment we offer two payment options:

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go. Pay only as you register for each individual module, based on your schedule and ability.

Training fee for Module 1 (2 days) is RM1400 for both days (with scholarship only RM700, see if you qualify: Skills Academy (Malaysia) Scholarship).

Training fee for each of Modules 2-10 is RM700 per 1-day module (with scholarship only RM350).

Final Module (Recap & Exam): RM200 (free for scholarship holders)

Option 2: pay full upfront for all 10 modules and get a 10% discount: RM7100 (with scholarship only RM3500).


For Company-sponsored Participants:

Same prices as above, but our Scholarship is not available to sponsored participants. However, this certification program is HRDF claimable for contributing companies, subject to HRDF approval.

Job Placement

We have very strong industry connections thru our corporate training division, especially at senior management level. A common complaint we hear often is the difficulty for our clients to hire industry-ready digital marketing staff who have the necessary hands-on knowledge. These demands have actually prompted us to design this course.

What we can offer to our certified course alumni who are looking for employment is to put them in touch with our clients who are currently looking for qualified staff. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will get hired, but at least we can point you in the right direction and open the door for you. Our Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Course is well regarded by our clients to whom we have referred potential hires. We have had some good success, but: no guarantee! You will have the technical ability for such jobs, but you may not be a fit for other reasons...

Faculty coordinating the Course

Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

Click to learn more about your Trainer Dr Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

Your actual course facilitators will depend on the respective modules and training dates. We will advise you accordingly once you have registered.

Course Date & Venue

Next Course Dates for Module 1 (2 Days):

1 & 2 August 2018 (weekdays), 9am to 5pm

4 & 5 August 2018 (weekend), 9am to 5pm

Course Venue:

Skills Academy (Malaysia)

350B, Melawati Urban 1

Taman Melawati

53100 Gombak