Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers

Digital Marketing Strategies for Decision Makers

Print Publication: RM39.00

Author: Dr. Frank J. Peter, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-967-12325-2-1

Having a pretty looking website is not Digital Marketing. Posting pictures in Facebook and hoping for ‘Likes’ is not Digital Marketing. Neither is hiring some agency to post ads in Google on your behalf, and hoping for positive ROI. Digital marketing is a lot more complex if done correctly.

This book will help you, the Corporate Decision Maker (Senior Manager, C-Suite Level, Board Member) to get a firm grip on the principles, to come up with an overall strategy, and to get a better understanding of the industry jargon (so you look better in relevant meetings).

In short, the better you understand the general ideas of Digital Marketing the less you can be bullshitted by those around you who are doing the actual work. This book will help you in exactly that.