Skills Academy (Malaysia) Scholarship

Skills Academy (Malaysia) Scholarships

Partial Scholarships of up to a 50% course fee reduction are available to selected applicants, based on the applicants’ financial need. These scholarships are only available for our Certification Courses, namely for the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Course, the official Google AdWords Certification Course, and the official Google Analytics Certification Course. Please take a look at the eligibility criteria below before you apply.

Overview and Objective

Skills Academy (Malaysia) is committed to upgrading the Malaysian workforce in relevant skills, particularly in the area of Digital Marketing. Digital Transformation and technological changes in business demand a workforce with up-to-date, hands-on skills to fill the job requirements that Malaysian employers currently desperately need.

Based on our close connections with various industries we know that there are not enough skilled Digital Marketers available in Malaysia to fill current and future job positions. Our industry contacts constantly tell us that there are many applicants for a job posting with general knowledge (i.e. Marketing graduates), but only very few of these job applicants possess the hands-on skills that the jobs actually require.

The aim of Skills Academy (Malaysia) is to re-skill and up-skills Malaysians to acquire these skills so they have a better chance to either find a relevant job, or to excel in their job with up-to-date Digital Marketing skills.

Scholarship Criteria

Skills Academy (Malaysia) is offering scholarships for up to 50% for our Digital Marketing related Certification Course fees. This is to make it easier for Malaysians who are looking to enter or re-enter the workforce in this field of employment by obtaining relevant skills & knowledge.

Scholarships applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Malaysian citizens only, regardless of age, gender, and race.
  • Currently unemployed (incl. recent graduates in a related field looking for a job, women looking to re-enter the workforce etc.) or at current risk of retrenchment.
  • Not sponsored (in part or fully) by any other company or agency.

Our scholarships are NOT available to:

  • applicants whose course participation is sponsored by their employer (HRDF or otherwise).

In particular, unemployed recent graduates in Marketing or related fields of graduation are especially encouraged to apply for our scholarship.

How to apply

Please read the course descriptions for which we offer a partial scholarship, namely for the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing Course, the official Google AdWords Certification Course, and the official Google Analytics Certification Course.

Google for the topic(s) you are interested in and read any useful information that the internet provides, including subject details. Also look at relevant job descriptions on job portals, so you know what is expected from you in terms of skills. Read, and make sure this is what you really want to do for your future career.

Once you are sure that Digital Marketing is your preferred future career path simply register for your desired course and tick the scholarship box in the registration form. There is no payment required for the registration, and you are under no obligation. Please provide a daytime phone number so we can get in touch for any clarification.

If you fulfill ALL our above scholarship criteria you will have a good chance to receive the Skills Academy (Malaysia) Scholarship, but the final decision lies with us and cannot be challenged.

Once you have been approved for our scholarship you will still be required to pay the balance course fees, the terms are given in the course descriptions that you read earlier.

All successful scholarship recipients are expected to fully complete their course(s), including the certification. If a recipient drops out half way there is NO penalty, but it's not nice as this may have deprived someone else of this opportunity.