Info for Trainers

Our Mission

to enable Malaysians to learn new, industry relevant Skills so they can improve their professional and personal Lives.

Our Vision

to do our Part for Malaysia to become a knowledge based Economy by providing the needed Skills to all who are willing to learn.

Why should you share your knowledge?

If you have solid industry relevant expertise join us at Skills Academy as guest faculty and teach your industry knowledge to graduates and seasoned employees who realize the acute need to upgrade themselves. It will be highly beneficial if you have an active HRDF TTT license.

The main focus will be on the following, industry relevant skills sets:

  • Digital Skills (incl. Industry 4.0, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation)
  • Communication Skills (incl. presentation, public speaking)
  • English language Skills (written and verbal)
  • Leadership Skills (incl. people management, critical thinking, problem solving, change agent)
  • Personal Improvement Skills (resume writing, personal grooming, job interview skills)

If you are a proven expert in any of the above areas please consider sharing your expertise with those who would benefit from it. If you are great at a related topic that we missed above please let us know, we are always open to possibilities.

How it works

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our trainers and participants. We are in this for the long run, and being open and upfront is part of our ongoing company culture.

The first step for you is to get in touch with us by tapping on the green button below. We will then set up a face-to-face meeting either in person or via Skype to learn more about each other. Once we are both confident that we can work together and that we can bring value to our course participants we will enter into a formal contract and finalize topic, syllabus, course dates etc.

To make sure: this is NOT an employer/employee relationship, you will be considered a freelancer and will be paid on a per-project basis.

Our agreement to work together is also NOT exclusive, meaning you are able to work with other training providers if you want to, and we may work with other trainers teaching the same or similar subjects.


Trainer responsibility:

You will be responsible for preparing and delivering the course, including the course manual (if any), at the agreed time and venue. We will require a soft copy of the course manual for printing purposes. The copyright for all your material stays with you.


Skills Academy responsibility:

We will market your course to potential participants, print the course manual, provide the course venue incl. refreshments and do all the required administrative  work. We will also collect the course fee from the participants. The copyright for all our marketing material as well as our customer database stays with us.



We work on a simple revenue sharing principle: all revenue collected will be shared 50% to trainer and 50% to us.

For example, if we get 10 participants who each pays RM500 (total revenue RM5000), you as trainer will receive RM2500 for conducting the training, and we will keep RM2500 for venue, marketing and admin work. This is the same arrangement with all our trainers.